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Parcel Monkey
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Looking for cheap parcel delivery and cheap parcel couriers then ParcelMonkey are one the web best value services. Parcel Monkey use well known couriers such as FedEx and DHL but provide vastly reduced prices compared to RoyalMail and Parcel Force.

If you are looking to ship your ebay sales or even collect an ebay purchase then we recommend ParcelMonkey for discount courier prices.

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  1. T.L says:

    This is a message to all people who care about their time and their money.
    Whatever you do – DO NOT USE THIS PARCEL SERVICE!

    I usually don’t write reviews, but just had to because of how horrible these company is, so here goes.


    1. No telephone number, so if you have any problems. You have to email them and they will get back to you in about 24 hours. That’s a pity if you have any problems the a collection/delivery – because you can’t update them.

    2. They use CityLink as their main courier, CityLink is a horrible courier company. When you call them to see if a parcel is coming or being collected, they ask you to call the depot that is managing your parcel. The depots do not answer the phone. So if you call the call centre back, they just say you need to speak to the depot. It’s a vicious circle and no one takes responsibility. YOU will need to waste another day waiting for them.

    3. They never leave calling cards. These guys do not bother leaving calling cards, but when you ask them if they have, they say yes they have. Even though you know that they obviously have not (or you’d have it already).

    4. Do not care. They have a ‘don’t care’ attitude towards your time and money. Once you have paid for the service, it seems like they don’t care if it runs on time. When you speak to them (or their supplier CityLink) they don’t offer any solutions to any problems.

    There are many other reputable courier companies out there that are just as cheap as ParcelMonkey / CityLink .. if you care about your money, your time and your customers – please do not use these guys. I have moved to Interparcel who have never ever disappointed me.


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