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Laskys ( have fantastic prices on branded electrical products including kitchen appliances, TV and DVD, home cinema, computing, MP3 players, camera and camcorders and SatNavs – phew! Laskys can offer you the best prices as they are part of one of Europe’s largest electrical retails groups – which means giving you the best deals possible.

With the best brands such as Sony, Toshiba, Sharp, Philips, Samsung, Panasonic and Pioneer, Laskys offer some fantastic deals and they regularly have special offers and discount vouchers to save you even more money. We aim to give you the latest Laskys offers and discount vouchers here – as soon as discount vouchers are available they will be on!

UKDV are here to save you time, money and searching, by seeking the best offers and deals for Laskys. We always aim to find the latest Laskys vouchers for today (25-Jul-2024) and throughout Jul-2024

Laskys Discount Codes for May 2012
Laskys have released some new discount codes for May 2012 that are detailed below. Currently the planned expiry for these great laskys voucher codes is 23/May.

Laskys Code 1: 10TV450
Offer: £10 discount on any Television above £450.

Laskys Code 2: 3HCA
Offer: 3% discount on all Home Cinema and Audio products.

Laskys Code 3: 3PHONE
Offer: 3% off all Home Phones goods.

Laskys Code 4: 3K&H250
Offer: 3% discount on all Kitchen & Home products valued above £250 (excludes Dyson, Personal Care and USA fridge-freezers)

Laskys Discount Codes
Laskys latest voucher codes are listed below offering a variety of savings axcross the broad range of products that Lasksys stock. The current planned expiry date for these codes is 1st Feb so take advnatage of them asap.

Lasys Code: 4K&H
4% discount on all Kitchen Appliances (Excludes Dyson and USA kitchen appliances)

Lasys Code: 5TV350
£5 discount on all Television's above £350

Lasys Code: 10TV500
£10 discount on all Television's above £500

Lasys Code: 15TV1000
£15 discount on all Television's above £1000

Vouchers for Laskys
Laskys stock a huge range of products from computers to kitchen and home appliances. The following new Laskys discount codes are offering up to 5% off kitchen and home purchases.

Lasys 3% Voucher: 3K&H300
Lasys Offer: 3% discount on Kitchen & Home sales up to £300 (excludes USA and Dyson products).

Lasys 4% Voucher: 4K&H300
Lasys Offer: 4% discount on Kitchen & Home sales up to £400 (excludes USA and Dyson products)

Lasys 5% Voucher: 5K&H300
Lasys Offer: 5% discount on Kitchen & Home sales up to £500 (excludes USA and Dyson products)

Latest Laskys Voucher Codes
Laskys are offering our visitors and subscribers up to 6% in discounts on the Laskys web site. The following three Lasksys discount vouchers have a planned expiry date of 8/Dec/2010 at the moment so go ahead and make the most of them before christmas.

Laskys voucher: PHONE6
Offer: Laskys 6% discount on landline phones above £50.

Laskys voucher: LDRC4
Offer: 4% discount voucher for Dishwashers, Laundry, Cooking and Refrigeration (excl USA).

Laskys voucher: SDA5
Offer: 5% code for small kitchen appliances.

Laskys Homeware Voucher
Laskys have a discount voucher giving 3.5% off any kitchen and homeware products that are valued over the £249 barrier. To save 3.5% simply use the following Laskys discount voucher below to save and use before the planned expiry date of 7/Jul/2010

Laskys Voucher: KITCHEN35

Laskys Washing Machine and Fridge Freezer Vouchers
Laskys have two discount vouchers out that will help you save on Washing Machine and Fridge Freezers until 27/Jan/2010. Simply enter these codes in the laskys voucher box in the checkout to save as follows:

Washing Machine Discount Voucher: 3WASHER

Fridge Freezer Discount Voucher: 4FFREEZER

Laskys Printer and Hard Drive Vouchers
Two new discount codes from Laskys that will give you 10% off printers and hard drives. Click below to view in more detail:

10% off printers valued above £70
Laskys Voucher Code: 10PRINT

10% off Hard Drives valued above £50
Laskys Voucher Code: 10DATA

Latest Laskys Voucher for Camcorders
Laskys have just released a 5% discount voucher that can be used on any camcorders over £150. The Laskys voucher code is due to expire on Jan 21st so make the most this and get a great camcorder before your summer hols :-)

Laskys Camcorder Voucher: 5CAMC

Laskys Voucher - 2% off
Get 2% discount on Laskys products with the following Laskys voucher code which expires on Sun 20/Dec/09. Orders have to be over £500 so buy something good folks.

Laskys Discount Voucher: 2500LSKY

Laskys money off codes
Yes have just released some more discount codes for you to save further money. Simply enter the following codes in the checkout to start saving:

Laskys Money Off Voucher: LSGG5 (Expires 14/Oct/2009)
Get 5% Discount on all grey goods (excl. hardware and GPS systems)

Laskys Money Off Voucher: LSWG2 (Expires 14/Oct/2009)
2% Money off code for white goods

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